Thursday, March 24, 2005

I'm Serious About the Fumes. But I Still Love the Smell of Gasoline Better.

The seller of our house bought it when it was in a shambles and brought it back to glory. There are a few things that he curiously left unfinished. I'm not complaining, because it gives me something to do and learn. However, of all the things he did with this place, the things he left undone seem like they would be among the easier tasks he could have accomplished.

Take, for example, the fireplace in our bedroom. The mantle was left plain, and the rest of the wood was dull and poorly refinished. I decided to tackle it and make it purty, and learned some new words. Like "fine-grain sandpaper." And now I can say "clear semi-gloss ployurethane" convincingly. And also, those fumes smelled great. I slept like a baby the last two nights. The Mr. got a headache, though.


Dull, lifeless. As I mentioned, note the mantle, in particular.


Shiny! New! I sanded it down, used two coats of Mini-Wax Red Mahogany stain and two coats of the aforementioned clear semi-gloss polyurethane.