Thursday, March 31, 2005

Easter Wrap-Up

The final tallies are in.

After a careful review by my accountants, 17 Peeps and 17 Creme Eggs were consumed during the time period known as pre-Easter. Or, Lent. But use of the word Lent conjures up what is known as "Catholic Guilt" when one realizes that one didn't give up anything for Lent. So. Pre-Easter it is.

The Peeps numbers were down sharply this year, for reasons unknown. It is conservatively estimated that in past pre-Easters, up to 100 Peeps were consumed. On occasion, a certain mother (or motherblogger...heh, heh, heh) will find Peeps on sale and send them to a certain blogger, so the Peeps tally may or may not rise in the coming weeks and months. But rest assured, the number will in no way approach previous records set.

The Creme Eggs numbers, however, appear to be slightly above average. And might I add, sickeningly so. Looking at the numbers, in fact, makes me want to barf.

Other candies were consumed, but not in vast quantities. Robin Eggs, plain chocolate eggs, Butterfinger squares, Krackle, egg-shaped Mounds and the odd Starburst candy found their way into my mouth when it was left unoccupied by Creme Eggs.

Some goals for next year will be set after the sugar detox period is over.