Saturday, February 26, 2005

This Is Also Why We Don't Have A Lawn

Me and plants, we do not get along. Give me a plant, and I will personally guarantee that it will be dead in a month or your money back.

I've tried, really. When we moved into this house, the seller had planted some lovely pansies and other things I don't know the name of in front. By the end of summer, they were gone. And I did not know this, but it's my understanding that pansies are pretty hardy and can live through winter. Correct me if I'm wrong on that. Either way, our pansies are all dead. Maybe the fact that I only watered them once or twice had something to do with it. I've tried other plants, too. Ferns and assorted greenery in pots, hung in a nice, sunny spot. I'd feed them with Miracle-Gro and sing them little songs, but they'd always die on me.

Then I heard about bulbs. They're the perfect plant for lazy people! You plant them in the fall, and do nothing. Sounds about right! But still, it was with little hope that I planted them last August. If anyone could screw this up, it would be me. Don't ask what I planted, though. I remember tulips.

So, imagine my shock this morning when I let Nabby out to do her business, and I saw little leafy things that most definitely were not weeds sprouting up where I had planted the bulbs. Even if they don't ever bloom, I will always remember this day as the Day I Realized I Could At Least Get Green Things That Aren't Weeds To Sprout In My Back Yard.