Friday, February 18, 2005

That Was MY Idea

Last night, I watched the premiere of the new season of Survivor. Imagine my excitement when the contestants arrived at the beach. And all 20 of them stayed there overnight. And then Jeff came by the next morning and had them separate into teams, and STILL stay on the beach.

I almost jumped out of my pants (good thing we have curtains). That was my idea! Survivor took my idea! Have the two tribes live side by side for the duration! I have long believed the game's setup as it is is getting stale. Where's the fun when everyone knows what to expect? And since Johnny Fairplay isn't coming back to keep things lively, this is the next best option. The scheming that would go on! It would be great. So yeah, it was MY idea. I was so excited. I almost paused the show to call the Mr. and go to Fametracker to share my glee and just make sure that in general, everyone knew I came up with this and not Mark Burnett. But I didn't, because it's Survivor and you can't pause it. Even if it is stale.

But then, right after the first challenge, Jeff had the winning team pick a beach (they stupidly picked the beach that hadn't been settled an en route, lost the stuff they won to make fire. Way to go!) and, alas, the tribes were separated once again.

Oh, and the new twist this season was that one day into the game, when they picked teams, two people were eliminated right off the bat. Ooooh, way to shake things up there. Although it did serve to get rid of that crazy singing lady, so that made me happy.

Come on, Mark. Get with it! Is it your ego that's getting in the way here?

Also, I'm glad I can talk this way about a TV show that actually IS real, instead of looking insane when I talk about Gilmore Girls like Luke, Lorelei and Rory actually exist.