Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Ten Things I Do the Day Before Weigh-In at Weight Watchers, Which May Seem a Little Mental, But I'll Bet Most Members Do This

1) Most likely consume a gallon of water, sometimes a little tea.
2) Weigh myself 12 times, at least. You know, just to make sure 5 lbs don't just spontaneously attach themselves to my body. It's happened, I swear.
3) Stop eating by 8 p.m.
4) Stop drinking anything by midnight.
5) Avoid Chinese food.
6) Avoid alcohol.
7) Go to bed early because I'm so damn hungry I'll eat everything in sight if I stay awake.
8) Have a good, sweaty workout.
9) Daydream a lot about going to Chipotle after weigh-in. My stomach just growled.
10) Cry a little when I watch the Amazing Race and they show the teams eating pizza from Geno's East in Chicago. Did you see Kendra throw up because it was too much food? COME ON. Wuss! I think I ate 4 times as much as her when I went there. Guess that's why she is a model and I am not, huh?