Thursday, February 10, 2005

Oh L'Amour Broke My Heart

Is there anything that makes you feel quite as old as a beloved band coming back to serenade you once more? And that the venue in which the serenading is to take place is maybe one-sixteenth the size of the last venue in which you saw them?

As a teen, how I loved Andy Bell. Sure, he was gay, gay, gay, but I didn't care. He would be miiiiiine. I would even be so understanding, he could wear his tutus around the house, if he so wished. Just as long as he sang to me. The first time I saw Erasure, my best friends Danielle and Tessa begged our parents to let us get to the San Jose Convention Center at 8 a.m., so we could be absolutely positive that we would be right at Andy's feet. They let us, which was incredibly cool of them. We were thirteen, and we were going to be spending an entire day camping out on a major street in a fairly large city. Maybe it was because they knew we'd be spending the day with Tessa, who was super smart and sensible. I hear she went on to Princeton, and I believe it. People who are Princeton-bound won't get into stupid situations like people who are say, state-college bound. And before you get your knickers in a twist, I'm talking about me and no one else. And really, I loved my college. I had fun. But boy, do I do dumb things sometimes.

The opening act was terrible, but then Erasure came on. Tessa got tired of the shoving and pushing, but Danielle and I stuck it out. Before Tessa left to grab a seat, Danielle gave her her jacket to hang onto. About 5 songs in, an object flies through the air and lands on stage. "Oh my god!" Danielle screamed, "That's my jacket!" A stagehand swooped out, picked it up and took it backstage.

We found Tessa, who said that someone had swiped it when she wasn't looking. Danielle was pretty upset, because the jacket had some sort of meaning to her that I don't recall.

After the show, Danielle wasn't quite ready to leave. She wanted to get her damn jacket back. A couple of guys heard her freaking out, and one of them gave her their backstage pass. See, Danielle was very, very cute. Guys were doing things like this all the time. So, back she went. When she came out, she had a couple autographs, but no jacket.

"They were sooooo nice. I asked them for the jacket, but they said they couldn't give it to me. But Andy said he liked it, and he might wear it in a poster someday!" Tessa and I were like, "Awwwww! How sweeet!"

But really, what a jerk.