Thursday, February 24, 2005

It's...Too...Much... Can't...Read...Any...More

Beccause I had about 7,000 unused airline miles, I got to trade them in for magazine subscriptions. I gave subscriptions to me and the Mr., to friends, to friends of friends. And by the time all was said and done, I still had 1,000 miles left.

So, now I've got the Wall Street Journal awaiting my perusal each morning, alongside our regular paper, which I rarely have time to read thoroughly. But, whatever. I love the WSJ. Back in the day when I was a receptionist, copies of the WSJ arrived when I opened up and I'd read it until the fatheads who it was meant for came and snatched it away from me. But the personal finance section rocks, and their profiles are nice, too. But still, seeing two papers there gives me a little ulcer.

And the other day, Newsweek and Spin started arriving. Thankfully, Spin was an all-photo issue, so it took about 5 minutes. I got sucked into an interesting article on autism in Newsweek. Shape should be arriving any day now.

Books? Who said books? Like I've got time for those anymore.