Sunday, February 20, 2005

The Hip Is Next

On Friday, I hurt my back at the gym doing squats on the plate-loaded machine. Now I'm hobbling around like an old lady, especially first thing in the morning when my back is all stiff from doing nothing all night. But it's nothing serious and it's already feeling better, but I feel a little put out here. Stuff like this is supposed to happen to people who don't ever exercise, am I right? People who eat like garbage and don't take their vitamins and are sourpussses. Wait, that last one kind of is me sometimes.

But the formula should be thus: You don't exercise=you strain muscles in your back (or insert other injury here). It's not too much to ask that if I spend a bunch of hours in the gym every week that this stuff is at least staved off until I'm 90, is it?

Gray hair isn't looking so bad now, I'll tell you that.