Thursday, February 03, 2005

Hey, Remember the Time We Put E.T. in the Street? That Was Really Funny.

In one of the photo galleries on Rebecky, there were some pictures of childlike statues that they moved to various locations on the beach with amusing results. It totally reminded me of the stunt we pulled with my brother's E.T. hamper. Before I hopped over here to share the story, I looked for some pictures online, not hoping for much, and then I find this. Look up there! At the top! It's probably the E.T. hamper. Can there really be that many floating around out there?

So, yeah. This hamper. It was E.T.-sized. He was begging to be more than just a hamper. He wanted a higher purpose. My stepbrothers, Jake and Joe, and I were bored one night after dark, so we decided to take him outside and put him in the middle of the street and see what cars did as they came upon...what's this...Is that E.T.? Right in the street?! I mean, when you have a life-sized totally famous alien sitting in your house, you have to have a little fun with him.

We hustled him out there, and then hid in some bushes. A few minutes later, Scottie, the senile old man who lived behind us, came out.
"Hey, kids!"
"Hi, Scottie!"
"What are you kids up to tonight?"
"Is that a kid in the middle of the street?" He shouts to E.T., "Hey! Get out of the street!" Back to us, "Who is that?"
"That's our cousin."
"Is he stupid or something?"
"No. He's deaf."
Scottie starts waving his hands wildly, gesturing for E.T. to come back.
"He's blind, too."
"Oh. That's too bad."

Just as Scottie turned to shuffle back to his house, a pickup truck with 4 guys came along, stopped, picked up E.T. and tossed him in the back and drove off.

"OH, SHIT!" Because, did I mention that my mom and stepdad didn't even know we were outside? E.T., the famous alien, had been kidnapped. Crisis. We stood there, panicking, not knowing what to do. It was quite the ruckus, and they came outside. "What's going on??" We confessed. They roared, thank god.

And while we were all standing there, the pickup truck came back, stopped and placed E.T. back where he was found and drove off again. Well, I hope he enjoyed his little joy ride, because who knows where he is now.