Thursday, January 06, 2005

Sucky Music For Cheap!

As I write, I'm organizing our CD collection. We have reached the last frontier of our relationship: the merging of the CDs. They will be alphabetized in one giant mine/his/ours blob. Duplicates will be traded in for cash (except for my copy of Pearl Jam's "vs." on CD, which I got before they officially named it "vs." and thus has no title on it. I love to brag about that one.). There's no turning back now, folks. Joy Division will be intermingling with the Best of Journey. Tori Amos and Archers of Loaf...on the same shelf. This is a big step. Probably on par with marriage. Maybe we need a cake for this. And an open bar.

As I'm going through the CDs, though, I'm thinking that I have had some pretty serious lapses in musical taste. I cringe at some of this junk. Like, what the hell was I thinking when I bought Reigndance? I'm really asking you. Don't tell me you don't remember who that is: it's the band belonging to Andre from the first season of The Real World. You know it's bad when you take it to the record store to get cash for them and even the guy behind the counter doesn't want them and is probably even considering making you pay the store just for bringing it in and contaminating the World of Cool. I've had CDs I've been trying to get rid of for years. I wonder if they'll take them for free? They don't even have to pay me. I won't stoop to paying them, though. I've suffered enough.