Friday, January 28, 2005

Hey Mikey, She Likes It!

Pets are like children sometimes, in that you can spend all the money in the world on some new fancy toy for them, and when it comes down to it, the only thing they're interested in is your used Q-Tips. Or something.

When Nabby was 90% ears and 10% the rest of her, we got tons of things to make her assimilation into this household to go as smoothly as possible. One of them was a lovely little fleece bed. It was so white and fluffy, and hell, I totally would have curled up in it if it were a little bigger. Nabby, however, wasn't impressed. She only wanted to chew it and show it who was boss, and now it serves as the whitest, fluffiest toy holder in all of dog kingdom.

A few years later, she still had no official pet bed. Then we noticed that in the winter months, she would go sleep in her crate. I took it as a sign and said to the Mr., "See?! She needs a real bed now. She's ready!" But he said no, and would remind me of what happened to the original bed.

Several weeks ago, I noticed her sleeping on a pile of the Mr.'s dirty laundry. I told him about it and said, "See?! She wants a pet bed." No, he said, she does not. And besides, she has her crate, he said.

Then, a couple weeks ago, the Mr. found her cuddled up on a pile of blankets in the guest room. He told me about it, and again, I made my plea. "She wants a BED!" Finally, he cracked. " can get her one."

So, I went to Target and got her a nice one. It's big and fluffy and pretty. I brought it home, and said to her, "You'd better like this or your dad is going to KILL me." I took it out, and while she watched, I curled up on top of it and said, "'s SO NICE! I love it! The perfect thing for a cold night, wouldn't you agree?" She was like, "What the hell is your problem, lady? You have that regular big bed, and you want to sleep on this thing?"

I picked her up and put her on her new bed. "Isn't that GREAT?!" I shrieked. She could probably hear the desperation in my voice and, thus, was tempted to toy with me a little. After I rubbed her belly for a few minutes, to give her a positive association with the new bed, she walked off, clearly unimpressed, and went downstairs.

But then, last night, after she was done laying on our bed and I put her on the floor, she meandered over to her new bed, turned around two times and went to sleep.

Man, thank GOD!