Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Babies, Babies Everywhere

Yesterday morning, bright and early, Trish finally had her baby! Please welcome Aubrey Ann to the world, people. I haven't seen pictures, but I have no doubt she's gorgeous as can be: 7 lbs, 7oz., 18 inches, brown curly hair and blue eyes. Mom and Dad sounded super tired, but elated all the same. Woot!

Also yesterday, Kim told me that she is having a girl! They plan to name her Keira Avery at the moment. I really hope they keep it. It's a beautiful name! She's due in June or thereabouts.

A few weeks ago, Jane had her baby too, and I don't even think I mentioned it, did I? How lame of me. She had a boy, Ethan Hall. And I have seen photographic evidence that he is completely adorable.

I cannot wait to meet all these new little people.

You know you're old when all your friends are having kids. But it's probably nothing compared to how old I'll feel when they're graduating high school or something.